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A new look, new packaging and new formats for a comprehensive range that encompasses everything from “classic” Emilian cured meats to Italian regional specialities.

All of the goodness and tradition of Veroni quality
High quality meat that is ideal for making the finest cured products, painstaking processing with great attention to detail, exclusive recipes that have been handed down through the generations and complete respect for tradition: these are all factors in the art of making delicious cold cuts, and they are now enclosed in handy, practical modified atmosphere trays that keep the flavours and aromas fully intact until they are opened.

New look
These are the ingredients that make the new Veroni packaging range highly attractive and appealing on supermarket shelves:

  • A central position for the Veroni brand, emphasizing the guaranteed quality.
  • Maximum visibility for the products.
  • An image that evokes Veroni’s traditions and history, with a specific reference to its trademark giant mortadella.
  • A picture of Italy in the colours of its flag, in a clear nod to the Emilian and Italian origins of the products.

Trays to suit all appetites 
Lunch, dinner, snacks, appetizers and picnics…
With different sizes for a vast range of products, Veroni has practical, tasty solutions to cater to all needs.

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