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There is nothing quite like a new taste experience, discovered through pairing two unusual ingredients together, especially with meats. It is a great and simple trick to impress at dinner parties, winning yourself the title of best chef amongst your friends. While you may know the classic combination of dry-cured ham with melon or figs, we can let you into a secret of some other delicious pairings to make sure you don’t send your guests home wincing. Firstly try the wonderful combination of salty salami with the sharp tasting kiwi, then if your feeling even more adventurous try speck meat with sweet fruits such as grapes or nectarines for a beautiful blend of flavours. Once your palette is truly warmed up, there is our favourite – pineapple with cooked ham. You can try out these unconventional pairings as an appetizer served on a wooden board allowing your guests to help themselves, or when you’ve visited the fridge for the third time in the middle of the night – no matter the occasion you can always take a taste of Veroni.

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