taglio mortadella
A Passion: Mortadella
4 aprile 2018
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The Italian Antipasto
9 maggio 2018

The Reliable Veroni Way


The Reliable Veroni Way

Working with passion has been the Veroni family tradition for almost a century. Even years on, our family business continues to use the precious local recipes from the small town of Correggio, in the heart of the Italian region of Emilia Romagna, not only the birthplace of the original Veroni brothers but the birthplace of the finest Italian meats.

The popularity of Veroni has grown over time, meaning we now have 3 production factories in Italy, and one solely to prepare the meats to be sent to you in the US. All of which are within the Emilia Romagna and Parma regions, staying loyal to our family roots and the best place to produce meat in the whole of Italy.

Each of our factories specialises in a different Veroni product, to ensure every type of charcuterie receives the exact love and care it needs to become the perfect Italian delicatessen meat; one dedicated to cooked hams and mortadella, one for Parma and cured hams, and one just for salami.

The specialist production lines means our craftsmen stay loyal to the traditional artisan production methods used when the Veroni family first began producing their quality meats in 1925.


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taglio mortadella

A Passion: Mortadella

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Veroni Antipasto image

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