Few things in life go together quite as well as Prosciutto and wine, but finding the right wine to pair with it can be a little tricky. This savory treat goes well with almost everything, but some wines pair better to take Prosciutto to the next level.Our high-quality Italian prosciutto is an elegant snack or appetizer on its own and depending on which flavors you want to highlight, there are several distinct wines that make for the perfect pairing

Rose wine and Prosciutto

Rosé wine can be a pleasant surprise paired with Italian Prosciutto thanks to its low tannins level.
The high salt content and dryness of the meat, typical of Prosciutto, goes great with sparkling Rosé or even sparkling red wine. Selecting the right wine is crucial since pairing it with the wrong one will change the taste of the meat and create an unpleasant effect.

Here is a list of some of our top wine to enjoy with our authentic Italian prosciutto.

1) Grenaché rose: with notes of ripe strawberry, orange, hibiscus and sometimes with a hint of allspice

1) Sangiovese: with ripe cherry fruit flavors, firm tannins, and high acidity Sangiovese is a great wine to pair with prosciutto.

2) Pinot Grigio: crisp, un-oaked white like a high-quality Pinot Grigio, which will be dry with a brilliant acidity

3) Sauvignon Blanc: try a subdued Sauvignon Blanc-based wine from the Loire Valley