Our certification system


Environmental certification

Environmental safety is one of Veroni’s top priorities, along with the search for high quality products and customer satisfaction.

To underline this, for its site in Correggio, Veroni has introduced an Environmental Management System in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 standard, certified since July 2008. Owns the EMAS Environmental Declaration under Regulation (EC) No. 1221/2009.

With voluntary adherence to these standards, the company aims to constantly reduce the environmental impact of its facilities, especially in residential areas around the plant. Veroni has provided all the resources needed to implement the plans and make continuous improvements.



Food Quality and Safety Management System

Veroni has in being a hygienic-sanitary safety self-control plan not only for its production but also for the work environment, the staff and the delivery service of the customers. This allows identification and monitoring of any critical points in the production process according to the HACCP approach. Moreover, Veroni wants to offer an additional guarantee of the safety and quality of its products.

Therefore, for its production of mortadella, dry-cured ham, cooked ham, coppa and pancetta, it has also decided to comply with the stringent international voluntary standards IFS (International Food Standard) and BRCGS ( Brand Reputation Compliance Global Standards), which cover all hygiene-sanitary aspects in food production. An independent certification body shall ensure that regular inspections are carried out to verify that the company meets the standards.