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Prosciutto is the flagship of Italian cured meat production and has a long history and some special names. Some varieties of this prosciutto have even obtained the recognition of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) for their quality and their deep relationship with the region they come from.

all the taste of  tradition

Unlike many other cured meats, prosciutto is obtained from a single selected pork cut: the thigh of the hind limb. This
is dry-processed, salted and subsequently aged. When sliced, prosciutto has an intense and fragrant aroma, while the
flavour varies according to salting and ageing.

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Completing Veroni’s aged range we have Culatello and
Sgambato, both derived from selected pork thighs but
processed and treated to obtain different tastes and

recognise the different types

Con osso (with bone): the prosciutto is aged and sold in its most natural and traditional form.

Disossato “addobbo” (boneless roundshaped): once the bone has been removed, the meat is cleaned with a knife to remove all traces of lard and hand-tied in the classic round pear shape. This packaging is ideal for cutting both with a knife and with a slicer

Disossato “pressato”(boneless pressed): once the bone has been removed, the thigh is pressed to give the slice a more regular and consistent appearance. Ideal for those who need a longer slice, compact and easier to use during slicing.

Lavato (washed): before being packed, the boneless prosciutto undergoes washing with water to eliminate traces of lard

Pulito a coltello (cleaned with a knife): the cleaning phase is performed manually, eliminating excess lard and rind.

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Gli Affettati Nature

Gli Affettati Nature

The new line “Gli Affettati Nature”, which is available in an innovative packaging that contains 75% less plastic than our traditional trays…