Since 1925 we’ve been aiming to let the taste of the best Italian cold cuts reach your tables.

Our story starts in a small grocery shop run by five brothers and located in Correggio, a small town in the heart of the Emilia-Romagna region (Italy). It is within the walls of their first shop that Fiorentino, Francesco, Paolo, Adolfo and Ugo Veroni decided to expand their family business of salami production, founding F.ll Veroni in 1925. Within a few years, the company was able to establish itself as a point of reference on the Italian market, constantly growing to the present day.

From a small local grocery shop we have evolved into a modern and technologically advanced company. Nevertheless, the art of traditional salumi production is being transmitted from generation to generation, protecting and maintaining the value of traditions, artisanal techniques and old recipes.

The most important dates during our journey:

1925 – Founding of F.lli Veroni in Correggio (Emilia-Romagna), led by Fiorentino, Francesco, Paolo, Adolfo and Ugo Veroni

1934 –  Veroni produces the first giant mortadella, the company’s trademark

1969 –  Francesco Veroni, current president, enters the company

1970-1990 – Veroni renews and extends the production facilities

1996 – The giant mortadella reaches a still undefeated record of 26 quintals for 2 meters in circumference

2007 –  The fourth generation of the Veroni family assumes company leadership, which strives for modernization of the headquarters and expanding into markets abroad

2016 – Veroni becomes the first Italian company to import 100% Made in Italy cured meats to the US, which are sliced in the company’s New Jersey plant.

2023 – In June 2023, the US-based SugarCreek Packing Co. – a leading player in the meat processing industry (protein manufacturing industry) – acquired Veroni S.p.A. The purpose of the operation was to create synergies between the two companies in order to increase the competitiveness and flexibility of Veroni on an international level, strengthening its position as an ambassador of made-in-Italy excellence both in Europe and the US markets.