Mortadella Specialist

Present on Italian dining tables since time immemorial, the history of mortadella starts from long ago, and the recipe and the craftsmanship of its production have been preserved over time in the Veroni household. Made with selected cuts of pork and lard obtained from jowl bacon distributed evenly throughout the mixture, our mortadella has a consistency that is compact but crumbly at the same time, and is packed into carefully selected casings. This results in soft and fragrant, high quality cuts.

OUR MortadellAS pgi

Quality, craftsmanship and respect for the original recipe: this is how Esselusso and Alta Tradizione, our Bologna mortadellas PGI, were born. The production is controlled by the Mortadella Bologna Consortium, according to strict guidelines whose origins date back to the 1661.

La Tua Veroni

100% Italian meat from a guaranteed supply chain with a unique and refined taste provided by adding pink salt. La Tua Veroni is the crown jewel of our production. This mortadella is recognisable by the double V that marks each slice of the mortadella.

How to spot a high-quality mortadella 

Some tips to enjoy a good mortadella: the colour should be light pink with white pieces of fat; the scent unique and fragrant; but not too intense; the slice soft and compact and the taste should be smooth with a balanced consistency.

 Giant mortadellas

The sale of the giant mortadellas is always a moment of great attraction in retail outlets throughout Italy.

Mortadellas with larger diameters require a longer cooking process, which in turn helps enhance its flavour.

The Veroni cured meat factory was the first in Italy to produce large mortadellas back in the 1930s. Since 1996, Veroni has held the last standing record for the world’s largest 26 tons mortadella!



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Gli Affettati Nature

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